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Use blockchain-based services with confidence - Assurity protects your ID and digital wallet with its powerful multi-factor authentication process.

This is Assurity

ID authentication & verification for blockchain ecosystems

Assurity is a powerful multi-factor identity authentication and verification solution that provides you with secure access to cryptocurrencies, digital wallets, and smart contracts.

To address the distinct requirements of decentralized blockchain ecosystems, Assurity uses augmented reality and machine learning.

We have fortified biometric, behavioral, and device-based identity authentication and verification features with patent-pending Augmented Reality Identification Service and Intelligent Threat Analysis to give you our unique Augmented Verification as a Service (AVaaS).

Whether you’re a service provider or a consumer, Assurity enables you to carry out all your digital blockchain-based transactions with confidence and, most importantly, complete peace of mind

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Passwords, PINs, ID cards, dongles, and other digital and physical credentials are prone to loss, damage, or being forgotten

Security threat

Private keys are vulnerable to hacking, loss, and theft


Hardware wallets are expensive and can be lost, damaged, or stolen


Crypto exchanges and blockchain platforms are complex - a barrier for low-tech and no-tech users


Identity authentication during customer onboarding can be an infuriatingly lengthy process that causes attrition

Our Solutions

Augmented Verification as a Service(AVaaS). Assurity’s implementation of AVaas offers users a frictionless gateway to authentication while preventing possible identity theft


Assurity enables users to identify themselves with unique biometric criteria that require little to no memorization, and AR memory-based authentication that eliminates the need to memorize letters, numbers, and/or words

ID protection

Assurity’s AVaaS combines biometric and dynamic identification methods that are practically invulnerable to theft and tampering


Assurity is a cost-effective onboarding solution for enterprises; consumers can install and use the app free of charge


Assurity makes using blockchain services safe, fast, and easy for low-tech and no-tech users


Assurity makes customer onboarding a breeze, with the added novelty of AR memory-based authentication that uses 3D-rendered objects, which businesses can brand for a more engaging onboarding experience

Benefits for Consumers and Businesses

Built to transform e-commerce and identity verification, Assurity delivers a user experience that is:


Assurity streamlines digital identification processes so that you don’t have to memorize passwords, PINs, memory-dependent phrases, and complex private keys


Assurity protects your identity with AVaaS, combining biometric, behavioral, and device-based identification processes with AR and machine learning


Assurity is for everyone - enroll, authenticate, and transact using any compatible connected or smart device


Assurity’s token-based pay-per-use ecosystem requires no customized hardware and affords quick integration into third-party line-of-business systems

Powerful Features

We designed Assurity to be the world’s de facto method of decentralized digital identification.

Assurity consolidates digital identification processes to provide its innovative AVaaS - identity verification technology that enables you to authorize cryptocurrency payments and other smart contract transactions

3D facial recognition

Identification that is exclusive to you and you alone

Device analysis

Your mobile device gets a unique ID based on up to 2,000 data attributes

Behavioral assessment

Verification based on how you habitually tap and hold your mobile device


Authentication based on a visual secret that only you know

AR Identification

Arrange 3D objects in an AR landscape to complete multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Blockchain interaction

Confirm blockchain transactions, charges, referrals, and enrolment


Assurity is a complete decentralized ecosystem with four parties involved: Assurity, Solus Connect technology, Customers and Partners.

AVaaS is based on the multi-factor authentication (MFA) technology which combines:

Service fee sharing scheme

For the use of AVaaS, partners and/or customers are required to pay service fee in ASUR Tokens when:

  • a customer enrolls for the first time
  • a customer re-enrolls on a new mobile device
  • a customer performs an authentication workflow
  • advertising within the Augmented Reality verification as a service enabled apps

Income from referrals

Partners and customers can earn ASUR Tokens by:

  • inviting new users to enrol and use the AVaaS service
  • Inviting new advertisers to use the Augmented Reality Contextual Advertising service

Tokens available on exchanges

Partners can buy tokens through Exchanges, thus stimulating increased demand for the ASUR Tokens across the market.

Value preservation by vaulting tokens

Assurity have smart rules that regulate the amount of tokens available in the market based on Partner demand. A token reward mechanism is defined in the white paper.

Our Goals is a complete decentralized ecosystem encompassing: Assurity, Customers (end users) and Partners.

A frictionless easy to use user experience

We aim to streamline the authentication process and establish an authentication system with heightened security in which people access digital currency, crypto wallet, and smart blockchain contracts on a daily basis. We want to reduce the hassle and stress in engaging with cryptocurrency and blockchain space. The end goal is to achieve an unobtrusive, transparent, and painless consumer authentication and identification process.

To empower customers

With simple, transparent, and secure conditions, we hope to increase consumer trust in e-commerce transaction. Security issues including lost credentials, hacked passwords, botched login attempts, and rummaging for physical ID cards would be history. There is more activity in cryptocurrency and blockchain space than ever before. Thus, the provision of favourable conditions would encourage customers and new users to participate in cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

To become the de facto method

We want to ensure that businesses and customers are well-equipped with adequate technologies that are simple to use and efficient. We want to promote to crypto and blockchain eco systems to empower them to engage their customers with our innovative augmented identification services, making ubiquitous and the ‘identification and authentication method of choice for everyone’s day to day lives’. Consequently, Assurity would become the trusted and secure de facto method of decentralized digital identity.

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